Finding Supernatural Love After Superstorm Sandy

This book is the incredible true story of the healing power of God’s love after Superstorm Sandy—and a fresh look at how the Holy Spirit works in our lives today. David Gregory shares his personal testimony that God is alive and well and still uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Through reading about David’s journey, you can:

  • Learn about the miraculous events that occurred following Superstorm Sandy
  • Understand how activities of life keep us spinning in a vortex but renewal and empowerment are waiting for us at the center
  • Discover fifty ways the Holy Spirit helps us with everyday life
  • See why taking four steps of forgiveness leads to inner peace
  • Find out how serving others can illuminate God’s plan for our lives

If you'd like to hear David's inspirational story, invite him to speak at your next event. David shares his personal testimony that God is alive and well and still uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. 

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What the Bible says about the Holy Spirit and why it matters to you

​​​Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His role in the Trinity? Why did Jesus, on the night before He died, tell the disciples that He would ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit? What does that mean, and what does it have to do with you?

These and many other questions about the Holy Spirit are addressed in this study guide. Everything in this book is based on the Bible, what it teaches us about the Holy Spirit, and why it’s important for us to get to know Him better.

This book presents a doctrinal approach to the study of the Bible regarding the Holy Spirit, and it does so from a non-denominational perspective. This study guide is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Holy Spirit and His ministries.

Jesus described the Holy Spirit as our comforter, advocate, and teacher. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit guides us into truth, gives birth to our spirit, baptizes us, sanctifies us, leads us, strengthens us, protects us, reveals God’s thoughts to us, and transforms us so we can live the lives that God intends for us.

The information in this book will help you recognize how the Holy Spirit is already at work in your life and identify your spiritual gifts. In addition, it offers tips on how to listen for the Holy Spirit so He can guide your daily activities and help in times of trouble.

This study guide is written in plain, everyday language, enabling you to explore Scripture about the Holy Spirit in a practical and personal way.

Perfect for group or individual study, this book includes:

  • 12 lessons, each one focused on a different ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Explanations of scriptures about the Holy Spirit
  • Real-life applications of biblical truth; questions for reflection and discussion
  • Space for taking notes.